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The opening pages of the novel present two main characters: the protagonist, Winston, and the antagonist, Big Brother. Winston, a 39 year old man, is coming home from work. As he heads for his apartment, we are told that on each landing is a poster of a large face of a man about forty five years old with a black mustache and strong, handsome feature. The appearance of this face, simply referred to as Big Brother, is described to impart the sense of an imposing presence which found in every area of the society. The image establishes the perception of an eye that sees all. The idea that this unnamed individual is always watching from the shadows establishes the social order of the society whose members have learned better than to utter anything that might be construed as negatively related to Big Brother and The Party, which is the ruling upper class.

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Home security systems will only work if you always remember to engage the alarm.

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Nobody is informed, thus suggests a swift get away of the burglar.

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Offer expires 09/30/2019 and is available to new residential customers in Cox service areas.